I want everyone to make sure they understand that this homeschool was a 'homeschool'. We are selves are NOT accredited by the state or by a 3rd party. The homeschool diplomas are not given by the state but given by the parents' permission by us as a witness to completing the program. We are just a homeschool. Our diplomas are not accredited. When the members sign up they must sign a liability waiver stating the acknowlegement of this either via online or by mail. Prior members signed a contract with the acknowledgement of these terms upon enrollment. We are a registered homeschool in the state of KY but we are not accredited by the state for we are not a school. We do not have a building. However, we do offer programs that are accredited from other companies like American High School, and, but we are not accredited. At Enrollment every one is told this various times. Also, we no longer have open enrollment. Our enrollment is closed. 


Our homeschool has been designed for the state of KY. Please check with your local state/government on homeschooling laws. for more info.

Our homeschool is just that a homeschool. We are simply a homeschool. Our homeschool diplomas are NOT accredited by any third party agency nor by the state of KY.

We do recommend if you plan on working in a government or state job you may need a GED from your state. However, most colleges go by your ACT score, so therefore most colleges except our homeschool diploma. But again there are no guarantees. Each employer, college, university has their own regulations regarding accepting a non-accredited homeschool diploma. We do not and can not guarantee that the non-accredited diploma will be accepted.

Upon completion of our program, signing a liability waiver, you will receive a homeschool high school diploma or a HED (homeschool education development) high school diploma, report card, and  transcript. 

It is possible to be in college and high school at the same time by taking the CLEP exams. The majority of the colleges except these exams as credits. But please check first with the college.

Homeschooling laws differ from state to state from county to county so please check first before purchasing or joining. We hold NO LIABILITY or responsibility regarding the laws and regulations, it's up to you.  

  This program was created using the homeschooling law requirements for the state of KY. WE ARE NOT A SCHOOL, but a registered homeschool. We are NOT accredited by any third party agency, or certified by any state. We are a 'home' school meaning work is done at home. instruction time is completed by the videos giving instruction, and virtual classroom instruction. Please check with your state/government for laws and regulations, before becoming a member.